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Bumps and Beyond

I specialise in infertility, pregnancy and post-natal nutrition. So whether you want to optimise your health pre-conception, are going through IVF, are currently pregnant, or on the post-natal hormonal roller-coaster then I’d love to help.



Your nutrition during pregnancy can have a huge impact on the health and development of your baby (and even their babies!). Consuming all the right foods can also make you feel more energised and ensure you are not depleted in any nutrients post birth. I will give you specific and personalised dietary and supplement recommendations based on the latest scientific research. We will also look at lifestyle factors including sleep, exercise and yoga to make sure your body is completely ready for birth. 




I work with both women and men who are having difficulty conceiving, have had recurrent miscarriages and those going through IVF. A personalised nutrition and lifestyle program will benefit you wherever you are on your fertility journey. 


Post natal 


Giving birth is such a physically demanding process that you need to recover from. Combined with sleep deprivation, fluctuating hormones and anxiety of how to keep this little baby alive you need to make time to focus and look after yourself. We will focus on replenishing any nutrients that are likely to have been depleted during pregnancy and those needed for repair and recovery to help you feel your best. If you are breastfeeding, we will ensure you are getting all the right nutrients needed for optimal milk production. 

All recommendations will be tailored to your lifestyle and time available – so very quick and easy!  

Specialist package: Bumps & Beyond 


This consists of:

  • One 75 minute initial consultation

  • Two 45 minute follow-ups during second and third trimester

  • One 45 minute post-natal follow-up

  • Two check-up phone calls

  • Email support throughout 

Specialist package: Couples Fertility Support 
This consists of: 
  • One 90 minute initial consultation 
  • Two 60 minute follow-ups
  • Two check-up phone calls
  • Email support throughout your journey
Suitable for couples looking to boost their health prior to conception or about to commence IVF. Both partners will receive a personalised Health Optimisation Plan with specific nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations following each appointment.   
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