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Initial Consultation
75 minutes


Prior to the consultation I will send you a health questionnaire and food diary template. You will be asked to complete these and return them 48 hours before the appointment so they can be analysed. Together we'll establish your health goals and discuss dietary recommendations, specific meal ideas, supplements and potential tests. At the end of the appointment you'll receive a bespoke health plan.

This also includes a 20 minute check-up phone call.  

Follow-Up Consultation 
45 minutes
We will discuss your symptoms, the impact of our health plan, and whether the recommendations work for your lifestyle. Together we'll update the plan to ensure you achieve optimum results. 

Full Health Optimising Package 


This consists of:

  • One 75 minute initial consultation

  • Two 45 minute follow-ups

  • Two check-up phone calls

Nutrition MOT 
60 minutes
  • Are you unsure whether what you're eating is healthy?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting dietary advice?
  • Do you want some simple, manageable changes to optimise your diet?
My Nutrition MOT is the perfect choice if you don't have any specific health concerns but you want to check that what you're eating is healthy and nutritionally balanced. In this consultation we will analyse your food diary and I will provide meal, snack and supplement recommendations to fit in with your existing diet to ensure it is as nutritionally dense as possible.   ​

Workshops & Talks 
A range of different talks and workshops are offered. Whether you want me to run a workshop for you and some friends, deliver a series of sessions for employees or do a talk for a large audience. Content can be tailor made for your requirements and interests. Previous topics include: nutrition for mental health, the gut-brain axis, optimising sleep, our gut microbiome and your daily healthy checklist.
Homemade snacks can also be provided.
Please contact me for details on price.  

The clinic is based in Saffron Walden. 

Weekend and evening appointments are available. 

Online Zoom consultations are also offered. 
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