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Nutritionally packed breakfast smoothie

I have a smoothie most mornings for breakfast. They are so quick to prepare, easy to transport and ensure that at least a third of my meals for the day are nutritionally balanced. You can mix up the ingredients and quantities so you don't get bored of having the same thing every day.

People often ask if a smoothie will fill them up and keep them going until lunch. The answer: 100% yes! By making sure you incorporate protein and fats as well as fruit, you can wave goodbye to the mid-morning tummy rumbles and sugary cravings.


Half a banana

Half an avocado

Handful spinach (I freeze mine, I find it can sometimes go mushy if not eaten quickly)

Brocoli - a floret or a slice of the stem

Fresh ginger


Chia seeds


Pumpkin seeds

Frozen mixed berries




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